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For Jason Gilmore, Halo Corp's Mars Culture Strategist, that someone was Keara York. The managing barista at the headquarter’s coffee shop was incubating something special inside of her small cafe. It was percolating with compassion, generosity and a heart-centered outlook on life. 


Jason was developing an interplanetary community for NASA’s MARS PROJECT to launch in the year 2030. His goal was to translate the core values necessary for a thriving, intergalactic society. Coincidentally, he was also reopening Halo's own Austin, Texas workplace after a post-pandemic hiatus. 


Although unconventional, Jason had a feeling Keara and her coffee shop might guide him to the solutions he was looking for and show him how to build a human community worthy of its destiny.

“I absolutely consider WorkLuv my ‘go to’ book when it comes to building communities that thrive. 


We are rebuilding our corporate culture after the pandemic, and WorkLuv points the way to a 21st century work community capable of greatness.

Erik “Mr. Awesome” Swanson

Speaker, Author, & Mastermind Leader
Habitude Warrior International



“We have no choice in the matter, if we are to be truly human we must truly love. The power of love elevates our work beyond what we might ever imagine. Bravo, WorkLuv.” - Denis Waitley, Legendary Author Speaker and World-Renowned Leader, Performance Coach at NASA


“When you work at what you love it won’t seem like work. It can be a joy to your heart and soul. The launch story from Elon Musk about traveling to Mars examples the passion and rigors of being a successful entrepreneur so you can make the trip from Work to luv. Happy reading of Erin’s book.” - Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Soul


“Ley has written one of those books that sneaks up and grabs your heart. Workluv is the first post pandemic book that matters.” - Loral Langemeier, The Millionaire Maker


Erin Ley’s Workluv drives home the importance of regarding the people we work with and how vital it is to intentionally love them. This is the book we have been missing.” - Greg Reid, Award Winning, Author, Speaker, Filmmaker


"Workluv offers a wealth of understating and inspiration for anyone who works alongside other people. Every company and every employee should read this book today. The time to start loving is now.” - Don Green, Executive Director and CEO at The Napoleon Hill Foundation


"Workluv's simplicity is intentional and absolute genius. It would be easy to overlook Ley's clever style in telling her story. I read the book in one sitting, and it blew me away. I loved it." - David Corbin, Best Selling WSJ and USA Today Author


“WorkLuv just happens to be everything I want in a book: vividly drawn, highly-relatable characters, a plot line that sweeps you along, and a huge, forward-looking concept that makes you almost frantic to read more.” - Mitzi Perdue (Mrs. Frank Perdue), Author, Businesswoman, and Founder of Win This Fight, Stop Human Trafficking Now!


“WorkLuv is a compelling book, a story of the heart told by a skilled writer with soul.” - Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, Author of The Power Minute and 19 other books